Keys To Have a Successive Business; Marketing, Knowledge and Finance


Given the possible occurrence of obstacles they lock the way to obtaining your goals are set, action plans to overcome obstacles, i.e. have planned from the outset exit options for possible crises.

The council is to analyze what can go wrong and always have alternative actions before the occurrence of a problem. This means that you should be prepared for some contingencies such as rising prices, falling demand, changing tastes, etc.

Simply put it, if you want to get from place A to place B, then you should think to get resources (time, materials, effort, supplies, etc…) The obstacles that he can oppose (darkness, rain, risk, etc…) and the resources and action plans that will have to overcome these obstacles. That is to have a strategy.

Use marketing

People generally tend to confuse marketing with advertising or sales. Although the concept is really very broad, marketing guides our decisions in four directions (called “the four Ps”):

Products and services to offer (Product)

Clientele to attend and take the form of products and services to the customers (Place)

Price level (Prices)

Ways to bring its product information to customers (Promotion)

Based on these decisions, you should set a “mixture” as favorable to potential buyers. You must provide goods and services that the customer wants and also identify with their needs.

The price level should be adequate (as we said, the customer must feel that pays less than what your product is worth, but that price should give you an adequate level of income).

Their products must arrive continuously and without difficulty to their customers, they should be no obstacles or difficulties to deliver the goods you want to sell.

Last but not least, you should know to get the knowledge of the existence of your product to customers.

The marketing mix is certainly paramount, and the really relevant when discussing the topic mixture is the consistency of it, i.e., “the four Ps” must go in the same direction, there can be contradictions: their prices should be consistent with the purchasing power of their customers, his promotion with his clientele frequents places, in the style that you like, and associated with the level of luxury and simplicity that give prices, etc..

All this to say that the thought of “the four Ps” (Product, Place, Price and Promotion) consistency is extremely important, if one of them is abandoned or becomes inconsistent, as if it were the leg of a table, it will fall.

The same occurs when a good markets or service if the price is too high or too low, we fail, if we the consumer distribution, equal, if not we promote the product or if our product does not meet the requirements of the customers, even worse.

What is relevant in this respect is not to leave the chance any of the four legs of marketing.

It should be noted that sometimes in marketing one of the factors may prevail over the other three perhaps the client’s decision was based more on the presence of the product on the shelves, and then your marketing strategy should emphasize distribution.

That is the case with many drinks and meals, if we come to a shop and ask certain brand of beverage and is not available in the end, it will ended up buying the brand they have in place.

Maybe I can be the price if the quality is very homogeneous, or maybe the physical characteristics of the product, if buyers are based on that. In the end, what matters is to make a little empathy with customers (put yourself in their shoes) in the mix and offer something that really interests them, they get, what they pay and serve.

Compete with knowledge

Generally, you will not be alone in your market; you will always have competitors, actual and potential. The most important and valuable tool when competing is information.

So, not lowering prices or increasing quality, and with a successful marketing campaign you compete better than knowing everything about the companies that compete with us.

In order to be competitive, you should be able to know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, besides knowing their strategies and ways to create value.

With these items you can see where your customer is strong and where to improve. The strengths of its powers must analyze and see how to minimize the weaknesses of those who are not like you; you must attack them and seize them.

Be clever with money (Finance)

Finance helps us manage our money optimally. Finances are in fact an excellent tool to generate value. A skillful handling of money can be the difference between being good and being bad in a business. We mentioned the need to be handled with the least amount of resources possible.

Finances are in fact present in all aspects of our lives and find other money is important; the great secret of finance is to work with little and getting a lot. Collect early and have an adequate margin.