The Credit Flows, Is This ATruth or A Lie


As you wander through the streets and flooded poster “enters and finds the loan you are looking for” “give credit to your illusions” “finance the project you have in mind,” he recalls those times in which the credit was flowing for everyone. Comparing between this era and the past is that today whether to grant personal loans entities or consumption, but creditworthy customers.

Few can boast Spanish bank financing have gotten over the past four years. In counterpoint, citrus are the memories of those who went to their bank for a loan and do not materialize.

Knowledgeable banking panic scenario surrounding families and individuals has designed attractive financing campaigns to encourage customers to borrow money.

At this time, no one questions that in the credit market are very striking deals. Similarly few dispute that the fall in demand. With those two certainties, sales managers working bank clients seeking for zero risk profiles, who offer personal loans.

I wonder how you can get a personal loan.

Currently, hiring a personal loan involves a long period of time. The most resounding example of what I say is the requirements that we must submit. For example, payroll, money order, receipt or expenditure budget, etc. But these factors do not justify the granting of money, you have to hire additional products-insurance or life insurance payments, credit-card, provide additional guarantees and not registered in any file of defaulters. Hence, there is an increase of discouragement among consumers when considering a credit transaction. For the consumer it is important to have a perception of the contract that allows better understanding and accepting the conditions.

In short, cannot believe that with all these ads hanging from the windows of banks, fast loans no rebound.